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The objective of this game is simple - kill all the other players! However, this relatively simple aim is complicated by the fact that all the other players are trying to kill you, and whenever you do kill another player they will reappear later, usually with revenge in mind. The player who has the most kills after a set time is awarded the title 'winner'.

The method of killing the other players is also simple. Your vehicle (tank, lollipop, balloon, thingy, whatever it is, no-one really knows) can be steered left and right by means of two keys on the keyboard, and accelerates by itself; you can't stop it. Steer your vehicle into someone else and they pop. If you happen to be popped yourself, you will have to wait a short time before you can come back and carry on playing. Shareware

WARNING: This game is seriously addictive when you start playing in big groups at school. I know. I did.


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